Preston Alpine Lodge is situated on Stirling Rd right in the heart of the Mt Buller Village.

The Lodge offers three levels of modern living :

  1. The Upper level, contains seven bedrooms with a range of dormitory style beds and separate male and female shared bathrooms
  2. The middle level consists of a commercial kitchen and a dining/lounge area,
  3. The lower level that houses the games room. Sauna/spa facilities – Closed until further notice and,
  4. A mid level mezzanine floor consisting of an entry and transit room and drying facilities.

The accommodation is dormitory style spanning across seven individual bedrooms on the upper level.   The bedrooms have a mixture of double and single bunks-beds in a configuration as follows:

Bedroom 1                  2 Single Bunks (4 bds)

Bedroom 2                  1 Double Bunk (4 bds) and 1 Single Bunk (2 bds)

Bedroom 3                  3 Single Bunk (6 bds)

Bedroom 4                  1 Double Bunk (4 bds) and 1 Single Bunk (2 bds)

Bedroom 5                  1 Double Bunk (4 bds) and 1 Single Bunk (2 bds)

Bedroom 6                  1 Double Bunk (4 bds) and 1 Single Bunk (2 bds)

Bedroom 7                  1 Double Bunk (4 bds) and 1 Single Bunk (2 bds)

Total            40 beds

Guests staying at Preston should be aware that with dormitory type accommodation, unless arrangement can be made with the booking officer to book and pay for a “whole room”, they will more than likely have to share a room with other guests. In some cases friends may need to share a double bed.

Access to Rooms

After 4.30 PM on the day of arrival.

Patrons entering the lodge must notify the manager upon arrival and adhere to the room  allocated to them. Storage of luggage can be accommodated in the transit area (adjacent to the front Entrance door or as otherwise directed), however usage of the lodge facilities is not permitted until access to the allocated room is granted.

Vacating rooms

All patrons must vacate rooms before 4.00 PM on the day of departure. Rooms are to be left in a clean and tidy state.

It is preferable that personal belongs are packed up early in the day and stored in the transit area, adjacent to the front Entrance door.

Access to the Lodge (Front Door Security)

The front entrance door to the lodge (both the Skiers entrance and the Non skiers entrance) are fitted with a manual push button combination lock. The code for gaining entrance to the lodge is controlled by the booking officer and the code is changed on a regular basis by the managers. Each patron that has a booking made through the Booking Office is notified in writing of the combination code for the time the booking is valid.  The combination code comprises two letters and four numbers. eg. CZ 1234

The facilities at Preston Alpine Lodge include:

  • Central Heating
  • Drying Room
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Spa and sauna (Closed until further notice)
  • Large and spacious lounge with adjoining outdoor balcony (Summer use only)
  • Self catering – well equipped kitchen, large dining area, huge fridge, freezer and pantry area,
  • Pool table
  • Television, video and games room
  • Soft Drink Vending Machine

During summer the lodge can be booked for exclusive use by clubs, schools and groups. Please note that during summer the lodge is a self-managed facility with no lodge manager in residence. A security deposit is required for all group bookings.

What to Bring
  • Bottom Sheet (For health reasons guests are asked to bring their own bottom bedding sheet and pillow slip (pillow provided). Those without will be charged $10 per person by the lodge manager for these items. During summer the lodge may be able to arrange bedding and linen at a cost. Check at time of booking.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Doona / Blanket
  • Pillow Case (Pillow  supplied)
  • Towel
  • Food and Beverages (The Mt Buller local supermarket is open all winter. Alternatively Mansfield is a pleasant 40 minute drive for stocking up your supplies.)
Responsibilities of People staying at the Lodge

People that visit or stay at the Lodge should be aware there are rules and regulations of the Lodge: in particular “responsible drinking” and a “noise curfew” that is in force commencing at 11.00 PM each night. This is to ensure the comfort of all patrons staying or visiting the lodge. The downstairs Pool room and TV room should be utilised after 11.00pm to keep noise at a minimum.

No wet clothing or boots are allowed in carpeted areas.

All patrons are responsible for cleaning up their own mess in kitchen and bathrooms in a timely manner for convenience of others.

The entire lodge is a “non smoking” area.